I will eat your soul.  Then I'll cook you a delightful risotto.

I will eat your soul. Then I'll cook you a delightful risotto.

Graduate of the esteemed culinary academie de chefonometry, cookometrics, and air conditioning repair, the author has been honing his cooking skills for, literally, dozens of days. When not combining ingredients and applying heat to them, he plays competitive badminton and enjoys telling homeless people that he has no change on him when, in fact, he has a lot of change on him.  Completely unrelated to this introduction, but nonetheless fascinating: that’s not at all how one would expect the word “badminton” to be spelled, is it?  I can’t be the only one who assumed that it was spelled “badmitton.”  That “n” is wholly capricious and arbitrary.

3 Responses to “A Proper Introduction”

  1. Jamie said

    [Vincenzo]: I know it’s you…[Vincenzo]? If it’s you, your blogs are high-LAR-ious, informative, and interesting. I’m a fan.

    *This comment has been edited by The Chef’s Prerogative solely for the purpose of anonymity protection, lest his identity be discovered and he be inundated with date requests from supermodels and readers’ mothers. Thanks for the kind words, Jamie!

  2. Julio said

    I just stumbled onto your site and I must say you are friggin hilarious as well as very clever with your blogs. I’m now a fan. Keep up the great work. Ciao amico.

  3. James said

    Hey you. WHy aren’t there any posts for 2011. are you alive? I am a new observer here as of a few minutes ago so I’m pretty much an “Authority” on your writings. get back to work and write something that proves the chefs perogative is about women and their impressive chest areas. …I like it here. Hope you’re still alive.

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